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Intelligent UVC & Ozone Generator

Five Advantages Of Products

  • Color LCD screen.
  • Portable disinfection.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Has both sterilization and lighting functions.
  • Reverse Obstacle Detection System.

Product Details

Product Specifications:

Light source: 24W UVC bulb

UV irradiance: 2340μW/cm²

UV wavelength: 254nm

Ozone concentration: 12g/h

Beam angle: 360°

Power: UVC: 120W, Ozone: 320W

Net weight: 10.6kg

Dimensions: UVC: 450 x 140 x 230mm

                     Ozone: 440 x 140 x 230mm

• Double-effect disinfection combination, fully reflect the high efficiency of UVC disinfection and 360° no blind angle of Ozone disinfection, with 99.99% of disinfection rate. 

• Automatic shutdown after disinfection down.

• Robust container & strong protective frame.

 • Safe and Reliable.

• AC power supply..

 • Turn off UVC automatically when the human body is detected.