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Intelligent UVC Handheld Disinfector With Flashlight

Five Advantages Of Products

  • Immediate disinfection, easy to control.
  • 500lm spot light mode, for narrow area detection.
  • 4-in-1 clip, convenient.
  • Has both sterilization and lighting functions.
  • IP65 dust and water resistant.

Product Details

Product Specifications:

Light source: UVC LED/high power LED

Luminous flux: 500lm

UV wavelength: 275m

UV irradiance: LED close to object surface: 7000μW/cm²

Beam angle: UVC: 120°, spot mode: 15°

Operating time: UVC: 3.5h, spot mode: 2.5h

Charging time: 3-4h

Protection class: IP65

Battery: 3.7V 4000mAh Li-Poly

Power: 5W

Net weight: 306g

Dimensions: 151 x 58 x 25mm

• UVC LED with 275nm wavelength 

• Disinfecting in close range for about 3s, 99.9% of bacteria can bekilled

• REV-ODS intelligent Reverse Obstacle Detection System will startautomatically 

• 500lm spot light mode, for narrow area detection 

• 4-in-1 clip offers stand, magnet, hook and clip applications 

• An intelligent fuel gauge keeps you informed about battery level 

• Type-C charging port 

• IP65 dust and water resistant